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PM Company provides the best channel for delivering your educational products and services to customers

  • Promotions & Marketing for educational
    products and services.
    1. PM Company promotes your educational products and services by providing you with the best solutions for both online and offline marketing.
  • PM Company has exclusive distribution rights in Korea to sell the “Basic Readers” series from the world-famous publisher “Scholastic”.
    We have distributed over 100,000 book sets throughout the Korean market, while the average best-selling English educational book in Korea sells only about 20,000 copies.

    We not only promote educational books and products but provides effective marketing solutions to make the products even more valuable. Through the development of seminars, lectures, and extra learning materials and activities, we are able to supplement existing books and services to produce the customers with even more value.

    PM Company has the tools you need to succeed in the Korean education market!

  • Promotion and marketing for educational products and services.
    We are fully aware of the importance and effect of online communities. Therefore, we provide optimized promotions and marketing solutions on social media. We are now operating various online communities on behalf of various global companies.
  • The purchasing agency of educational programs and products.
    1. PM Company is looking for the best educational products and service from all over the world and provides optimized solutions to sellers for success in Korean market.
    2. PM Company is the best partner to help you successfully position your educational products and services in the Korean market.
  • Educational contents development for Kindergarten ~ primary school students.
    From our years of experience, we have developed an unmatched understanding of the Korean education market. Based on that, we have developed our own educational content that we distribute here in Korea.